Planning an Elopement

An elopement can help you avoid the fuss of a bigger wedding and be so romantic and fun. It can also be deeply personal and an experience that truly is just for the two of you (and maybe a few others). You can feel free to really get creative with your elopement. Still, there are some basic rules for planning […]

How to Plan a Smaller Wedding

By this point, many states have lifted their event restrictions that limit how many people you can have at your wedding. Still, there are CDC guidelines to consider. Having a wedding right now is going to be a risk, but there are ways to try and mitigate that risk. And regardless, you might want a smaller wedding anyway. Many people […]

How to Have a Budget Wedding

Cutting costs is generally the first thing on a couple’s mind when it comes to their wedding. It can be so stressful when you first find out how much a wedding can cost. This can be especially frustrating when you have a small guest list, and you’re still like, “Wait, catering is going to cost how much?” If you’re looking […]

What to Do After You Get Engaged

I belong to some wedding planning Facebook groups, and it seems like everyone is getting engaged. After all, it is engagement season. One thing I’m noticing is that these couples have no idea where to start. They’re posting to these groups asking, “What do I do?” Well, let’s start with the basics. Here are a few things to do after […]

Save the Date Etiquette

Save the date etiquette is tricky. They get sent out so far in advance when basically all you have is a location and a date. Here are a few tips for staying sane when it comes to save the dates. Send them out at the proper time Generally, this means roughly six to eight months in advance. Six months is […]