Guest Submissions

So, you’re looking to write for Lovely Ever After? That’s great! Right now, we are accepting submissions from wedding bloggers and wedding professionals. If you’re a wedding planner (especially a New England one) and you’re looking to share your knowledge, I’m happy to have you. Same goes for wedding photographers, caterers, florists, etc. If you’ve got wedding expertise, I would love to showcase it.  

Unfortunately, right now, I am unable to pay for submissions, though I’m hoping to do so in the future. That being said, I will be sure to promote your blog post on Instagram and Pinterest. Obviously, you’ll also get a bio where you can link to your site or whatever you want within reason. I’ll try to schedule your guest post as soon as possible after it’s been accepted and edited.

Submission guidelines:

  • Please email your blog post or idea to [email protected]
  • Make sure your blog post is in the body of the post. I will not open any attachments.
  • Blog posts need to be at least 500 words, though at least 1,000 is preferred.
  • Blog posts must be wedding or event-related in some way.
  • Blog posts cannot simply be an advertisement for your service or product. They need to be informative or helpful in some way. They also need research to back them up.
  • Use the search bar to check to see if a similar blog post has already been published. If I’ve written about the same topic recently, you’ll need your own spin or a new topic.
  • Odds are, your blog post will need to go through some editing. I’ll send it to you before I post though.
  • If you can provide images, that’s great! I’m happy to post them. Just as long as I can do so legally (meaning you need to own the rights to them and be able to grant me the rights to publish them).

Disclaimer: If you submit work to Lovely Ever After, you give me consent to publish your wedding blog submission on Lovely Ever After and its social media. You also give me consent to edit as needed (again, I’ll send it to you before I post). Submission does not guarantee publication.