5 Thoughtful Touches for Your Wedding Guests

When it comes to planning your wedding, one of the most important things is creating a great experience for our guests who have invested time and energy into being there for your day. You want them to be comfortable and happy while they’re celebrating you. There are a variety of thoughtful touches that you can put together for your wedding guests.

Put together a welcome bag

This is a thoughtful touch for your out-of-town guests. You can put together a welcome bag and give it to the hotel to pass out as your guests arrive. These welcome bags don’t need to be overly complicated. We recommend including some local items (think maple candy or honey), a list of some great local activities or restaurants, and some essentials in case they forgot like water bottles and a toothbrush. Just be sure to budget for this!

Pay attention to the temperature

If you’re getting married in the summer, there are some thoughtful touches you can do to help your guests keep cool. Small fans are always a nice idea. You can also provide mini sunscreens or sunglasses. For a winter wedding, you’ll want to keep your guests warm. Make sure you have heaters if you need them and perhaps keep some blankets as favors in case guests need them.

Make sure you have enough signage

Signage is super important. You want to make sure your guests can find your wedding in the first place and then find everything they need at your wedding. Having a welcome sign and a menu is good. Depending on where your wedding is, you might need signage that points to your reception area and the bathrooms.

Ensure they can find their seats

We all love a creative seating chart! But make sure it’s not too confusing and that everyone can read their names. If you use a hard-to-read font, it might be difficult for your guests to find themselves and know where they’re sitting. You’ll also want to make sure your table numbers are easy to find and read. You want to ensure that everyone knows where they’re going.

Have a late-night snack

That last thing you want is for your guests to go home hungry! Organize some sort of late-night snack for your guests. It doesn’t need to be super fancy. You can even offer appetizers or pizza if that you’d like. The most important thing is that you offer your guests something after those hours of dancing.

These thoughtful touches for your wedding guests will help create an awesome experience for them. Ultimately, you want your wedding to be enjoyable for everyone. So, just be considerate of your guests and be sure to think about their experience.

Are there any thoughtful touches you’re thinking of providing for your guests?

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