Your wedding stationery is something you might be working on quite early. Typically, you’ll start looking at wedding stationery about eight to ten months before your wedding date. You’ll need your save the dates roughly six months before your wedding date, so you can send them out. When it comes to your wedding stationery, you have a couple of options, from completely custom wedding stationery with a stationery designer to online merchants like Minted. Wondering about the difference between custom and online wedding stationery? We’ve got you covered!

Online Wedding Stationery Merchants

Online wedding stationery merchants are online stores that allow you to pick out a look you love and customize it. You can often search by size, type, and printing style. Typically, you can also look for a specific style that matches the aesthetic you’re going for with your wedding. This is great for couples who want a beautiful invitation, but don’t want to invest in custom wedding stationery.

The most popular online wedding stationery merchant is Minted. We love Minted because they have some amazing options for couples who want a semi-custom experience without the price tag. You can even get finishing touches like vellum overlays and free addressing. Not to mention, Minted can handle your day-of stationery too like your menus, programs, and escort cards. It’s your one-stop shop for wedding stationery suites.

You can also use Etsy to find your wedding stationery! Typically, Etsy sellers sell semi-custom wedding invitations. You can customize the details, but like Minted, you can’t typically request big edits (though some sellers might work with you). You’re limited in the choices you can make. That’s the biggest difference between custom and online wedding stationery.

Custom Wedding Stationery

Custom wedding stationery is done by stationery designers. These are designers and artists who are dedicated to creating your wedding stationery just for you. This is best for couples who want complete control over their look. Perhaps you want to design your own invitations or perhaps you want those amazing details like a custom wax seal. Many stationery designers also work with amazing calligraphers or do calligraphy themselves.

It’s worth noting that your custom stationery designer can also act as a guide. If you’re wondering about your wedding stationery timeline or you’re wondering how much you’ll spend on postage, your stationery designer can be an amazing resource.

If you want someone who can be with you every step of the way or you want something completely unique, custom stationery and a stationery designer are the way to go for you. They can provide you with that personal touch. Custom stationery typically carries a higher price than online merchants, but if it’s important to you, definitely hire a stationery designer.

The difference between custom and online wedding stationery primarily comes down to personal preference and what you’re looking for. Do you want someone to work with you throughout the planning process? Do you want to handle it yourself? Is budget really important to you? Get quotes from stationery designers and look through Minted options. Find what works best for you.

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