One of those tricky details you’ll be thinking about as you get further into your wedding planning is your color palette. Your wedding color theme will help determine things like your wedding stationery, your decor, and your bridal party attire. So, you want to have a handle on it pretty early on. Luckily, there are tons of places to go for inspiration!

Think about your personal style

This is important because you want to have colors you love. Think about which colors you naturally gravitate towards or even a style you love. For example, you might be drawn towards a nautical theme, or perhaps you have a more bohemian style. Knowing your own style will make picking a wedding color theme much easier.

Consider the season

Local and seasonal flowers are a great source of inspiration when it comes to picking your wedding color theme. Each season lends itself to certain colors and blooms. For example, during the fall, dahlias and chrysanthemums can be a great option and come in a variety of colors. Research the colors of the season you’re getting married in and see if you find anything inspiring. Keeping your color palette within your local flowers can also help keep your florist budget down too!

Go through your venue

Your venue is such a great place to look for ideas for a color palette, especially since it might already have a color scheme. Some venues, like barns or tents, will give you more freedom to choose your colors. But others, such as hotels or country clubs, might lend themselves to specific colors. You’ll want to make sure your color theme doesn’t clash with your venue anyway, so going through the space and thinking about what colors would complement the existing decor is always a good idea.

Look through wedding magazines

Let’s be real. You’ve probably purchased a few wedding magazines anyway, so put them to use. They’re a great resource for figuring out your wedding’s color scheme. Go through and look for wedding details that you love. This can help you find a general aesthetic, which will often help you pick a color theme.

Scroll through Pinterest

Similar to magazines, Pinterest is a great place to look for your wedding color theme. Pinterest is essentially a search engine. This means you can search for color palettes and even specify what season or theme you’re looking for. Pinterest can be a great place to find inspiration and then finalize your color palette once you’ve determined your general aesthetic or theme.

It can be so much fun to go through all the different color palettes and figure out what you think is pretty and perfect for your wedding day. Once you’ve figured out your color theme, you can really start planning those decor details. If you’re finding yourself overwhelmed, you can lean on your wedding planner to help!

What’s your color theme? Let us know below!

Places to find inspiration for your wedding color theme
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