​​5 Tips For Creating a Wedding Menu

A delicious wedding menu is so important. You want to give your guests staying power, and you want them to enjoy themselves. Not to mention, you want to have a night of delicious food too! After all, it’s your day. But picking a wedding menu can seem overwhelming or you might be unsure where to start. So, when it comes to picking your caterer or planning your wedding menu, how do you choose?


Unfortunately, we have to talk about budget first. It’s so easy to rack up a huge catering bill because food and drink are expensive. It’s important to always go back to your budget when you think about creating a menu. You can’t plan an elegant plated dinner with seafood and steak options if you’re hoping to pay $50 per person. In that case, a delicious buffet with simpler options might work better. So, talk to your caterer about what your realistic options are.

Make it personal

First and foremost, you want to pick items you both love for your wedding menu. If you’re known for any signature dishes, you should absolutely include them. Are you always enjoying a good burger together? Do a slider bar! You can also include things from your relationship. If you shared a hot pretzel on your first date, you can have hot pretzels as your late-night snack. Don’t forget the craft beer that you drink together on special occasions!

Don’t forget dietary restrictions

You’ll want to do your best to accommodate any dietary restrictions. We recommend talking to your caterer ahead of time about what meals they can make for individuals with allergies or other dietary requests.

It’s also important to have vegetarian and vegan options for the growing number of guests who follow that diet. Include specific options for them in the buffet line or give them a vegetarian option if you’re having a sit-down meal.

Keep it seasonal and local

It’s important to consider the season and location in which you’re getting married. You can look around you to help decide what to have on your wedding menu. A summer salad is going to taste much better in the summer than it will in the winter. Additionally, you’re less likely to have seafood in the Midwest than you are on the coast. If you’re on the coast, fresh seafood is both easier to get and more delicious. Think about your local food traditions and what your guests will love. If there’s a strong BBQ tradition in your area, you might choose to do that. Local and seasonal are always your best bet!

Don’t forget your wedding theme

You can also look at the details you’ve already planned to determine your menu. You want your menu to match the rest of your wedding. For example, if you’re having a more rustic-style wedding, you might choose a menu with mac and cheese, potatoes, and salad. Whereas, if you’re planning a more elegant wedding, you might choose a pasta dish and seafood appetizers.

It’s worth giving your wedding menu some serious consideration. It’s an important part of your day, and your guests will thank you.

What are you thinking about for your wedding day menu? Let us know below!

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