How to Pick the Best Engagement Session Outfit

If you’re having an engagement session (and we agree that you should!), you might be wondering how to pick out the best engagement session outfit. Finding the best outfits for engagement photos can be overwhelming! You might be wondering how you can coordinate properly or what looks good in photos. Well, no worries. We’ve got you covered.

Tips for Your Best Engagement Session Outfit

The bring trick for picking the perfect engagement session outfit is to select outfits that you feel like yourselves in. You want to be comfortable! Make it an upgraded version of your everyday selves. Beyond that, there are a few extras you can do.

Choose how formal you want to be together

Make a decision together about how formal you want your engagement portraits to be. This way, you can choose outfits that are similar in formality. You don’t want one of you in a gorgeous cocktail dress while the other is in flip-flops. If one of you is wearing a more formal outfit, the other one should match. However, if you’re more casual people, you might decide for more casual dress. Whatever makes sense for you as a couple. But that being said, how many chances do you get to dress up and have gorgeous pictures of you taken?

Pick outfits that match the scenery

Speaking of cocktail dresses, if your engagement session is going to be in a park or field, it doesn’t make much sense to wear one. You’d be better off in a nice sweater or sunflower dress. The trick is to match the backdrop of your engagement session. If you’re going to have your engagement photos done downtown or in an elegant bar, a cocktail dress makes far more sense as an engagement session outfit.

Opt for coordinating colors.

It’s usually better to opt for coordinating colors from the same color family instead of matching colors. You don’t have to both wear the same color! You can both stay within blues or earth tones. Some contrast is also good depending on your outfits. If one of you has a bold print, it might make more sense for your partner to go a little more neutral. Remember, you want to coordinate, not clash!

Dress in layers

When it comes to your engagement session outfit, layers are your friend! Remember, you might not have an ideal changing location for your shoot if you decide to switch outfits. So, layers can create multiple outfits without having to find a place to change.

Simple is good

You don’t need to complicate it! A great go-to outfit for the guys is simple. Cool jeans, a collared shirt, and a loose tie are easy to put together and fun! For women, a dress with an outer layer or a sweater and jeans is also good. Remember, simple is good! Though, by all means, go all out if you’d like.

Remember the beauty

Don’t forget the hair, makeup, and nails. This can be a great opportunity to do a hair and makeup trial with your hair and makeup artist! Professional makeup always looks great in photos. That being said, we recommend going less glam than you might on your big day. Unless you’re wearing bold makeup every day, it makes more sense to go with a more neutral look. You can always pump it up on your wedding day, but you don’t want high glam makeup for your engagement session. You want to look like you!

Picking an engagement session outfit can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be! The important thing is that you’re comfortable with how you look and you match enough to look great in photos together. If you’re really struggling, your photographer can be a great resource! They might even help you decide on your final outfit and let you know how your colors will photograph in your chosen backdrop. Have fun!

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