Pros and Cons of a Friday Wedding

The pandemic changed quite a bit in the wedding world, and many 2021/2022 couples are still trying to get married or have their reception. This makes it trickier for 2023 couples. Throughout the wedding boom of 2022 and 2023, a lot of venues are going to be booked on Saturday. This means that a Friday wedding might be your best option! But this isn’t inherently a bad thing. You can still create an amazing wedding on a Friday night. Let’s talk about the pros and cons!

The pros of a Friday wedding

No worries if you think you might need to get married on a Friday. There are some great pros to Friday weddings!

You’ll often get cheaper prices

The biggest pro to a Friday wedding is cost. Because Saturday is the most common day for weddings, vendors, including your venue, tend to be cheaper on Fridays. Since there’s more competition for Saturdays, it costs you much more to book one. But some venues even offer special deals for Fridays. So, if you’re looking to save money, you might want a Friday wedding anyway!

More vendors will be available

It’s the same thing with vendor availability. Because there is less competition for Friday, more of your preferred vendors might be available.

You can make the most of your wedding weekend

A Friday wedding means a long weekend! It gives you and your guests an extra day to relax after the wedding, and you could also hold extra events. A Saturday wedding brunch or Sunday get-together could be a great way to extend the festivities. You can also forgo that all together and use your Friday wedding to extend your mini-moon.

You can still party!

Unlike Sunday weddings, which tend to be more low-key, you can absolutely still party on a Friday. In fact, as we mentioned, a Friday wedding means an extra day of recovery, so guests might be willing to go longer! They don’t need to worry about traveling back home the next day, so it’s easier for them to relax.

The cons of a Friday wedding

That all being said, Friday weddings do come with a few caveats.

It’s harder for guests to travel for destination weddings

A Friday wedding might mean that your guests are taking time off of work, arranging extra childcare, or managing more logistics. This is especially true when it comes to your out-of-town guests. The good news is that traveling might be cheaper on a Friday, but it also might be more difficult. That added difficulty means you might get more declines than you would usually have for a Saturday wedding.

It might be more difficult to find a venue

While it’s true that many venues are cheaper on Friday, some venues don’t offer Friday weddings at all. They might dedicate their entire weekends to Saturday couples, or they might simply stay open to the public on Fridays if they offer dining. So, it might be a bit trickier to find a venue willing to accommodate your Friday wedding.

It takes a bit more logistical planning

In general, it takes a bit more planning to manage a Friday wedding for both you and your guests. Your guests might need to come late or leave early, depending on their schedule. They might end up missing the ceremony and going straight to the reception. Be sure to give your guests plenty of notice if you’re planning a Friday wedding so they have time to make all the arrangements they need.

For example, one thing that might be a little trickier is planning your rehearsal dinner. Your rehearsal would take place on a Thursday, which might make it harder for everyone to get there either because of traffic or taking additional time off of work.

The best way to ensure everything goes smoothly and you have the best Friday wedding possible is to hire a wedding planner. Your wedding planner can guide you and help you navigate those unusual logistics that come with a Friday wedding.

Overall, don’t stress if it ends up making more sense to have a Friday wedding. You can still have an absolutely amazing night and create a great experience for your guests. Plus, while you might not save tons of money, you still might be able to have an overall cheaper wedding.

What are your concerns with a Friday night wedding? Let us know below!

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