What to Put on Your Wedding Website

In recent years, wedding websites have become more and more popular as couples realize how useful they can be. Wedding websites can have all of that important information that you can’t (and shouldn’t!) stuff on your invitation. When it comes to what to put on your wedding website, there are the must-haves and the nice-to-haves.

Wedding Website Must-Haves

Anything From Your Invitation

Anything that was on your wedding invitation should also be on your website. This includes things like date, location, and even your names. If there are any other events, like a brunch the day after, you’ll want to put that on your wedding website too. Not to mention, you’ll want to include that crucial piece of info: how and when to RSVP.

Wedding Registry

We don’t recommend putting your registry on your save the dates or your invitations. Gifts aren’t mandatory, so you don’t want to seem like you’re expecting something from everyone. Your wedding website is a great place for this info, especially because you can typically sync your registries with your website. It makes it easy for your guests to find everything.

The Dress Code

If you’re asking for a particular style, you’ll want to include this information on your wedding website. This might be important if you’re having a black-tie wedding or if you want to make it clear that a backyard affair isn’t casual. This is the type of information you can briefly include on your invitation, but depending on your dress code, you might want to elaborate a little.

Health and Safety Measures

Nowadays, with the Covid-19 pandemic, couples are having to take specific measures with their weddings in order to make them as safe as possible. Share what you’re doing with your guests, so they know. Are you encouraging everyone to wear masks? Will there be masks and hand sanitizer available? Is your wedding going to be outside and as socially distanced as possible? It’s important to pass this information along.

Transportation and Lodging

If you’ve organized a specific hotel block for your guests, you’ll want to put that on your wedding website. You may also want to put different alternatives so people don’t have to do their own research. Additionally, if there are shuttles to and from the hotel or if you’re shuttling people from a specific parking lot, let them know. Your out-of-town guests will absolutely need that information.

Any specific and important announcements

This can include things like you’re having an adult-only wedding or having a babysitter to watch children who attend. You can also mention if you’re asking people to share their pictures through a specific app or hashtag. Let them know if you’re having an unplugged ceremony. Anything important that you’d like them to know should go on your wedding website.

Wedding Website Nice-to-Haves

Your Love Story

Many couples opt to write out the important events like how they met, their first date, the proposal story, etc. This can be a fun read for your wedding guests, and it can also be fun to write! Include any important photos that you love, especially from your engagement session. Odds are, even if you don’t write out the whole story, you’ll still want to include some photos and a brief introduction.

Wedding Party Bios

You may want to highlight the amazing people who are helping make your wedding happen. They’re some of the most important people in your life, so celebrate them! You can include a short bio, including how they met you or your fiance, along with a fun picture. It shouldn’t be anything you wouldn’t want your family members to see, but it can still be fun. This is also a great way of letting your guests know who everyone is who will be involved in your wedding.

Fun Things for Your Out-of-Town Guests

If you’ve got out-of-town guests, compiling a list of fun activities or delicious restaurants can be a way of creating a great experience for them. Put your own recommendations on your site so they know what places you love. Try to keep in mind anyone’s dietary restrictions or the various personalities who might enjoy different things. Basically, provide a variety of options.

The important thing about your wedding website is that it lets your guests know anything they’ll need for the day of. If you decide to forgo all of the extra, that’s okay. But your wedding website needs to have all of that crucial info, so guests know what’s happening.

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